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Clutching & Tools

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Yamaha Sidewinder BIG VENOM
adjustable clutch kits only $299

"Better place to buy sled parts than Royal
and they actually know what they're selling! "

-Bryan Thompson

Hot Product
Arctic Cat ProCross 2012
Secondary Hi Torque Rollers

only $59 CND

For 2012 Arctic Cat Procross/XF/Proclimb Driven Clutch. Over 40% stronger than stock.
Early test sleds are showing extreme wear on stock rollers - This is a MUST upgrade!

2006-2014 Apex/Attak TRAIL TERMINATOR clutch kits
Fastest Kit on the Snow! Our Radar Proven Secret Is Out!
( client proven in the field as the Best / Fastest Kit in the Industry!)
only $399
Includes DALTON QAY-62 adjustable weights, Custom Billet Helix and Primary Spring
-for Yamacharger, stock and or piped with airbox mods and fuel programming

Standard NON ADJUSTABLE weight set kit option available - only $299

Prices shown on site are cash sale prices paid in person,
by money order or certified check , by direct deposit at any Bank of Montreal ( BMO ) Branch in Canada,
or by Online Bankings new

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Our prices are more flexible when paying by these preferred payment methods indicated above however we accept both Mastercard and Visa

STM Powersports

GEN 1 TUNER Secondary

2012+ 1100 CAT Turbo
available in 11", 11.25

only $769 (includes adjustment tool )
( does not include helix or spring - see below for component pricing )
helixes $53
springs $30

STM Yamaha 2011-13 Nitro,
2014-16 Viper & 2017-18 Sidewinder
Gen 1 Tuner Secondary Assembly

10.75" or 11.25 only $789 ( includes adjustment tool )
helixes $53 springs $30


"By far the best place to buy parts from In Canada. Royal has no clue what they are selling!"
- George Grenfield


click on picture below

"Still in Shock at how incredible the service was with my order. I have bought many things in Canada before no one even comes close to you guys! - thanks again "
- Greg Johanson

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"SLED-WERX is the only place I buy my sled parts from - period! "
- Trevor Simpson

" All I see is copy cats trying to do what you have done for decades Spenc - Thank you for being the very Best at what you do " - Clive Roberts

Power Adders | Clutching & Tools | Tracks & Traction Products | Skis | Suspensions |Accessories

Clutching & Tools


2016-2018 Arctic Cat
( all models )


5-8 HP to track over stock
only $399
kit includes: primary spring, secondary spring, helix, adjustable Speedwerx set of weights




NOTE: we have set ups and base weight settings for both Dalton Quick Adjust weights and STM Supertips, for riders adjusting boost levels with programmers we prefer the Dalton weights that allow for trailside adjustment of rpms to match increased boost levels ~ Spenc

TIP for Tuning adjustable weights:
Load more of the heal/or pin end of your cam/weight arms for trail riding
Load more of the tip for drag and high boost applications

2012-2015 Arctic Cat
ProCross 1100 TURBO


The Best Performing, Easiest to Adjust kit on the Market. Following in the footsteps of our Industry leading Trail Terminator lineup!
10HP over stock with torsional conversion!
only $499
STAGE 1 Trail
includes: STM Torsional Conversion
Spider Shim, Custom Helix, primary spring, secondary torsional spring, Dalton Adjustable 6WL weights
kits provided with base weight setting directions

STAGE 2 Race
STM Torsional Conversion
Spider Shim, Custom Helix, primary spring, secondary torsional spring, Dalton Adjustable 7W weights
kits provided with base weight setting directions

STAGE 1 & 2
ProX Series only $979
STM Gen 1 11" tuner secondary w/billet cover, Spider Shim, Custom Helix, primary spring, secondary torsional spring, Dalton Adjustable 6WL or 7W weights

kits also available with
STM Supertip weights for same price

Designed with FULL THROTTLE

"Spenc, the kit is Bang On! and love the adjustability. Thanks again " - Cory Bronson


#1 selling
clutch kit For
ProCross 800 F/XF

"HUGE difference over stock clutching! I'm pulling 2-3 sled lengths on my friends and just walking away with your Trail Terminator! I found 79.2 grams to be best for my set up and it's a breeze to adjust right on the trail! Thanks again for providing another excellent kit!" - James Olsen


2012 Arctic Cat
ProCross 800HO F/XF


The Best Performing, Easiest to Adjust kit on the Market. Following in the footsteps of our Industry leading Trail Terminator lineup!
-for both Low Elevation stock pipe and or single pipe applications
STAGE 1 only $319
includes: Quick Shift CP-000-7585 75 to 85 grams adjustable weights, Custom BDX Billet Helix and Primary spring

STAGE 2 only $356
includes: (same as ABOVE ) with added Hi Torque Secondary Roller Set to reduce roller side thrust friction providing more consistent engine RPM with smoother clutch performance

TIP : test with base weights then add as needed to - adjust for. 7950-8050 rpm for best pull- stock pipe

when ordering TRAIL TERMINATOR clutch kit
DYNOJET PC5 only $349
reg $375

3 sled lengths over stock!

"My friends run your Trail Terminator kits in their Yamaha's and love them, this new kit for my 800 ProCross is no different! I just love the way the sled pulls and it shifts so much better than stock - first snow testing was a Blast! Can't wait to get back out
Thanks Again!"
- Jean Rietzer

"Got my kit quick, great service! and it's the strongest kit in our group. You guys certainly know your clutching! thanks again" - Steve Shell


"I read your online build, took your advice, purchased one of your kits and got our F7 to 129mph! You've made me a believer of your products & unmatched customer service!"
- Peter Vanderkal

F7 Firecat Drag & Radar Kits
Note: For Chaincase applications only
04 up require 10 tooth drivers

includes H5 primary spring,secondary spring, weights, helix, new chain, steel top gear, & aluminum bottom gear
- 1000' ELIMINATOR $429
includes custom drag clutch kit, new chain, steel top gear & aluminum bottom gear

includes H5 primary spring, secondary spring, helix, weights and top and bottom steel gears
( uses stock 72 pitch chain )

Field Tested - Radar Proven clutch kits that work!

Winner of the
at Adirondack SHOOTOUT
Designed with Dynoport

"My Dragon 800 is an Animal with this kit! Haven't been beat yet and I've since referred a ton of friends to your site. Keep up the great work!
- Tim Barton



800 IQ/Dragon
800 CFI 4 and CFI 2 short track
only $359
DALTON QAP3 Adjustable Weights, custom cut 2 angle TEAM LW ER helix, Delrin washer & TEAM primary spring

KIT Components:
Custom TEAM LW ER helix $119
DALTON QAP-3 weights $249
TEAM 165/310 primary Spring $24

when ordering TRAIL TERMINATOR clutch kit
DYNOJET PC5 only $349


Radar, Drag & Trail Proven!
Clients real world resutls prove it's the Best / Fastest kit in the Industry!

"Tried the Terminator on one of our two 07 Apex's and the Terminator kit put 4 sled lengths on our stocker" - Big Thumbs Up! - Dan Sheanan

"Just a quick note to let you know I'm very happy with the clutch kit! The sled now feels like a BULL and just keeps pulling and pulling!
- Gene Couture

2006-2014 Yamaha APEX/ATTAK
-for both stock and Yamacharger or piped with airbox mods and fuel programming!
only $399

includes DALTON QAY-62(62-69.4g) adjustable weights, Custom Billet Helix and Primary spring

Standard NON ADJUSTABLE weight kit available - only $299

Another Sled-Werx Radar Proven Secret is Out!
we've put hundreds of Firecat and Dragon 800 owners sled lengths ahead with our Drag, Trail & Radar kits, now APEX/ATTACK owners are 'Out Front' showing the competition their taillights!



CLICK HERE for clutch kit baseline advice

when ordering TRAIL TERMINATOR clutch kit
- Purchase PC5 for
only $349
- $100 off Yamcharger

"The engagement is what sets this kit apart for me. It is so much smoother than the other kits I have tried. It's also the fastest kit I have tested. I decided to stay with this one because it engages smoother which just makes it nicer on the trail for me. Fuel mileage is just a hair better with this kit as well"
- TY member 'nailsandrails'

"I put the kit in this weekend ! and tryed it holy f===  it puls like crazy the skis go up 4 feet on take off big change from stock.My bud with the f7 is getting one from your site too can't wait!! thanks" - Patrick Lefebvre

"Just got back from the first ride with the Trail Terminator kit in the sled and it feels like 20 extra HP!
Last year I was behind my riding buddies and now I'm in front! Excellent kit!"
- Craig T Johnson

TIP for Tuning adjustable weights:
Load more of the heal/or pin end of your cam/weight arms for trail riding
Load more of the tip for drag and high boost applications

2014+ Yamaha VIPER

includes DALTON QAY54 (54-61.2g) adjustable weights, Custom Billet Helix, custom Primary spring ( may not be exactly as shown )
only $399

Base settings approx 59 grams

"BOOYAH! holly shit does this kit rock!
dialed in the weights close to 59grams like you suggested and the sled just pulls like a bear! thanks again! "
- George Riener


"This is the smoothest shifting best performance kit in our group!
You will have alot of guys calling you soon! "
- Ken Billings


"Test Rode SLED-WERX Dragon800 & NYTRO XTX site build project sleds with TRAIL TERMINATOR kits and on both sleds clutching was BANG ON!
- Jason Mott

2008-2012 Yamaha FX NYTRO
Stage 1
includes DALTON (54-61.2g) adjustable weights, Custom Billet Helix, customPrimary spring
only $399

Stage 2
includes DALTON (54-62.1g) adjustable weights, Custom Billet Helix, custom Primary spring,Hyvo 70 chain & 22 top gear
only $489

when ordering TRAIL TERMINATOR clutch kit
DYNOJET PC5 only $349


Fine tuned in the field during our
Project XTX build - it's a Ripper!

for Short Track and XTX models!
Designed with Bender Racing

"I cannot describe the difference this kit has made in my FX Nytro - Just UNREAL Pull!
- Rob Munson


"Received my kit last week and have to say I now LOVE MY VECTOR! The sled is SO much more responsive with your Trail Terminator! Big Thanks, you guys really know your shit when it comes to clutching! " - Frank Gillespie


Site SPECIAL only $399
includes DALTON QAYNX-54.5(54.5-62g) adjustable weights, Custom Billet Helix, Primary & Secondary spring
( test with pin weights for approx 58 -59g's - adjust as needed for best pull )


You asked for it - You got it!
Vector owners now have the same easy to self tune features of our other #1 rated performance kits





"I've gained 3-4 mph on top end with the addition of your Trail Terminator Stage 2! Totally thrilled - thanks again"
- Greg Bloorhouse

"I'm glad I took your advice! Since installing your Stage 2 Trail Terminator in my 800 Etec I have pulled 2 sled lengths on my buddy who's running the Howards Stage 2 and Cudneys kit in another sled in our group isn't even close!- Darren Johansen


only $389
Short track & Renegade models
For Quicker Acceleration, Improved backshifting and increased mph!

includes: TRA adjustable pin kit, custom ramps,custom helix, primary & secondary springs

Custom designed 'per rider'
email with your sled year & model, full list of mods, your riding style, Rider Weight, track lenth and lug height & riding elevation


Designed with GOODWIN Performance

"All i can say is UNREAL!! - your Stage II Terminator kit for my 800 is absolutely the best money I have ever spent! "
- Joel Loutippe

"Dynamo Who? Hillbilly What?
Everyone is talking about the
because they flat out perform! "
- Brian Thomas


850 ETECH Gen4
only $299
Short track & Renegade models
For Quicker Acceleration, Improved backshifting and increased mph!

includes: Pdrive spring,GPAdjustable Pdrive ramps & Pdrive pivot weight kit.

Custom designed 'per rider'
email with your sled year & model, full list of mods, your riding style, Rider Weight, track lenth and lug height & riding elevation




Buy in Canada and Save!

-No Brokerage Fee's
-No Hidden Costs
-No Customs Delays
when buying D&D Racing Products from here in Ontario Canada!

D&D  Clutch Kits 
click on D&D clutch kit picture to the left, find any clutch kit then provide the part #
for your SLED-WERX Racing pricing!
200-7200 03 F7 Stock or Single Pipe kit

200-7210 04 F7 Stock or Single Pipe kit
only $215.45

Turbo Z1
Performance Clutch Kit
includes New DALTON/D&D adjustable weights, spider billet shim, primary spring, helix, shift assist, and new belt
For 220+ HP with new 800-9600 belt
only $475

Standard Performance Clutch Kit
includes New weight set and primary spring
For up to 220 HP
only $125

2012/2013 Procross Turbo Z1
Performance Clutch Kits
Basic/Standard kit
includes T1 weights and primary spring
only $233
Advanced kit
includes T1 weights, primary spring and helix
only $370


D&D2007/09 F8
Stock & Single pipe Kits
Most popular kit on market for F8

only $278

Kits include Shift Assist

CLICK HERE for more info!



Shift Assist
only $28

#200-0042 all models before 2012
#200-0043 2012+ models

CLICK HERE to be directed to our D&D Online Q&A forum where Glenn Hall, D&D Pro Racer describes this hot new product

CLICK HERE for installation link

Chain Case style -
only $75

Diamond Drive -
only $135

Black Diamond Xtreme
2006 & up Diamond Drive
Xtreme Cam Conversion Kit

only $45


D&D Torsional Conversion
Diamond Drive torsional conversion kit
fits 2005-2011 models
only $85


Primary Springs
$36 Canadian

130-300 White
150-330 Tan
160-290 Yellow
170-265 Blue
170-280 Teal
170-305 Orange
170-330 Red
195-295 Green
193-330 Black
NEW 200-305 Brown
NEW 220-330 Sliver

Yellow spring D&D Tested as best single addition for Crossfire & M-Series 1000 clutching as well as Yellow or Red on the F1000 and Red spring on the new F8 when adding new
* D&D Single Pipe


Secondary Springs
$36 Canadian

Pre-Diamond Drive TORSIONAL
83-140 PURPLE
51-106 BLACK

67-123 GREY
96-157 GREEN

Diamond Drive
110-320 TAN
130-340 MAROON

120-285 BLUE
170-280 ORANGE
180-360 GOLD


D&D BIG DOG Clutch Weights
Please specify your year model, whether you require "notched" or non-notched, and bushing or set screw versions when ordering weights
47g - 93g only $105
bushed sets
only $129


"Thank you for all your help. My first order with went extremely smooth and with no hassle. Thanks also for answering my questions, most if not all other dealers in this country have inexperienced reps answering their phones that wouldn't know the difference between a sled and a lawnmower! Keep up the great work! "
- Kerry Velcamp







D&D Powersports
Adjustable Z1 Turbo Weights

T1 90.5-98 g ( same as in FULL Z1 clutch kit )
only $239
T2 103.5 to 111 g
only $244



"Hats off to Spenc!!! Just bought studs, backers, tall nuts, riser block, adapter plate, hand guards, and couldn't be any happier! It wasn't a high ticket sale for them but they treated me like I just purchased a top-fuel engine! All phone calls and e-mails were returned and I was always kept up to date on when my parts were to be in at their shop before they were delivered to me. I will always remember this and make sure others know about their commitment to satisfy their customers. Thanks Spenc!!!"
HCS member - redpolarcat



Magna Force
Arctic Cat
Adjustable Weights

3 arm sets only $199
4 arm sets only $265

BIG DOG style Base set weights with adjustable magnets that weight 1.3 grams each. Designed for Arctic CAT & Yamaha , CAT's come as set srew style however you can add bushings for pre-04 applications
listed sizes below available for CAT
53-69g #200-0962
67-83g #200-0963

81-97g #200-0964
86-102g #200-0965

Z1 Turbo Magna Force
82-98g #200-0951
90-106g #200-0952


listed sizes below available
3 arm sets only $229
4 arm sets only $299

53-69g #200-0862
67-83 g #200-0863
80-96 g #200-0864

for Yamaha Magnaforce weight install

for Arctic Cat Magnaforce weight install


SLED-WERX Racing/ YAMAHA Billet Multi Angle Helixes
includes Bushing!
Standard cut Helixes - only $89
available angles - 43/39,45/39,47/39,49/39,48/40
Custom Cut Helixes - only $109

All YAMAHA OEM primary weights, springs, rollers gears and chains Available just email us with the YAMAHA part # for
Canadiain Pricing







Performance Clutch Kits
All kits available!
Canadian Money at Par on Dynoport Kits

2005 Polaris Fusion Kit
( not shown )
only $349

" I just tried to order through a different dealer here in Ontario because he claimed it would save me time - he knew 'nothing' about the product or anything else to do with sleds. Same guy that's online disrespecting other dealers. Keep up the Excellent work as always Spenc! "
- Peter Greenhorn

-No Brokerage Fee's
-No Hidden Costs
-No Customs Delays
when buying DYNOPORT Products from here in Ontario Canada!



HEAVY HITTER 'Thunder Shift'
most kits from only $249
Popular part #'s
HHY-48 Yamaha
HHY-53 Yamaha

CLICK HERE for part # info

The Heavy Hitter is a bushed weight that is billet machined from the finest materials available, stress relieved, heat treated, and matte finished. Each set of weights comes perfectly gram weight match balanced. The Heavy Hitter weights have been spin tested at over 17,000 rpm's insuring the strength and durability required. Each set of Heavy Hitters comes with a complete set of tuning components and a tuning manual that is easy to understand and follow


" Just ordered 2 kits from you because there is no one else in Canada I would buy products from. Anyone who buys elsewhere is missing out on something special "
- Peter Harrison




Yamaha Viper

adjustable clutch kits only $299



adjustable clutch kits only $295





The Yamaha SR Viper sleds are known for lacking top end, only topping out in the 80’s.  With the BIG VENOM kit you will be able to run over 100 mph (we hit 105 mph on GPS on snow and 111 mph on asphalt with this kit).  The BIG VENOM Kit also gives you much faster acceleration, from the low end through the middle and on top.  Comes with everything you need—Heavy Hitter adjustable flyweights, secondary spring, glide washers, plus clutch holder



Powershift Clutch Kits
only $389


"Got my Bender Order quick and hassle free! Very impressed with your company and your service! "
- Jeff Whiteland


The Super Rat is designed to address the lack of drivability of today’s high performance snowmobiles. Today’s engines produce high torque at low RPMs requiring heavy clutch weights for the CVT system to operate properly. The Super Rat was specifically designed for mountain and high performance trail use. Because of its unique roller track design, this weight immediately senses the need to upshift or back shift, and can move as much as 7 grams from one end of the weight to the other making this the ultimate high performance weight flyweight



RAT Weights
for Drag/Trail only $269

Available for:
Yamaha 66g
Polaris 64g
Polaris 68g
Arctic Cat 64g
Arctic Cat 68g
Arctic Cat 88g



Exclusive Canadian Distributor
of this product for Bender Racing
only $269 Canadian per set!
Please post this information on
Totally Yamaha

All EPI Helixes and Springs Available!
Primary spring $20
Secondary springs

Performance Clutch kits
Example pricing
95-96 MACH Z 780
only $179
97-99 MACH Z 800
only $179

04-05 600 HO SDI
only $219





"Thanks for my EPI order, Will let my friends know of how well I was treated! " - Brian McDonald






ON CPC provide any part # from Cutler's Peformance's web site
for exceptional No Hassle Pricing

All CPC Helixes/Cams
on shelf or custom cuts all $109

"Thank you for helping me with my order. You saved me some serious money from buying direct out of the US. Cutler Performance is lucky to have a dealer like you representing them in Canada! Will be telling all my friends about the exceptional service! " - Floyd Jamison


ACT Diamond Drive for models 2005 - 2010
Torsional Conversion Kit with helix
Each kit is talor made to our clients mods/specs and riding style
Canadian Price shown on Cutler

only $309
kit without helix only $235

25 more HP! on dyno at 6000+rpm
over other kits on the market!

HOT PRODUCT for Z1 Turbo
with Orange/white rate spring

Torsonal Conversion Kit only $329
available with helix 38, 42/36, 42/48, 44/42 or custom cut per rider weight, mods, elevation and riding style

email us here in Canada with your Full Name, Full Shipping Address and Phone # and details on you sled for final quoting





Cutler Performance
IT (Improved Trail) Quick Shift /
Quick adjust cam arms
USA Price shown on Cutler
only $169 per 3 ramp set
only $215 per 4 ramp set
for the new Artic Cat set screw clutch
CP-000-6070 60 to 70 grams

CP-000-6575 65 to 75 grams
CP-000-7080 70 to 80 grams
CP-000-7585 75 to 85 grams IN STOCK
CP-000-8090 80 to 90 grams
CP-000-8595 85 to 95 grams
CP-000-90100 90 to 100 grams
CP-000-95105 90 to 105 grams
CP-000-100110 100 to 110 grams

Pre-Diamond Drive Arctic Cat
Secondary/Driven Springs
Most Popular Torsional Springs
Blue/White - Softest
Pink/White - soft
Red/White - medium
all of above $30
Orange/white - hard

Primary Springs only $28
135-305 Gold/White
175-305 Purple/White


Cutler Performance
TM (Turbo Mag ) Quick Shift /
Quick adjust cam arms

only $169 per 3 ramp set
only $215 per 4 ramp set
for the new Artic Cat set screw clutch

60 to 70 grams

CP-000-6575TM 65 to 75 grams
CP-000-7080TM 70 to 80 grams
CP-000-7585TM 75 to 85 grams
CP-000-8090TM 80 to 90 grams
CP-000-8595TM 85 to 95 grams
CP-000-90100TM 90 to 100 grams
CP-000-95105TM 90 to 105 grams
CP-000-100110TM 100 to 110 grams

Note: TM weights act 5grams heavier


The 3 most sought after Arctic Cat Driven Secondary torsional springs on the market, PINK/WHITE, ORANGE/WHITE & RED/WHITE . Very popular on Big Turbo'd Yamaha and Cat applications


Polaris Primary Springs
only $28

135-305 Gold/White
175-305 Purple/White


Cutler Performance
IT (Improved Trail) Quick Shift /
Quick adjust cam arms
with bushings

only $189 per 3 ramp set
only $229 per 4 ramp set

60 to 70 grams
65 to 75 grams
70 to 80 grams
75 to 85 grams




Cutler Performance
TM (Turbo Mag ) Quick Shift /
Quick adjust cam arms
with bushings
only $189 per 3 ramp set
only $229 per 4 ramp set

60 to 70 grams

65 to 75 grams
70 to 80 grams
75 to 85 grams

Note: TM weights act 5grams heavier




Canada's #1 Source For High Performance Sled Products
Division of , Ontario Canada


clutch kits

from only $229

Z1 Turbo Hypershift Clutch kit

good for up to 210 HP
only $175

-No Brokerage Fee's
-No Hidden Costs
-No Customs Delays
when buying SPEEDWERX Products from here in Ontario Canada!

"Got my Speedwerx order and couldn't be happier! I wil be back for all my future purchases! "
- Grant Greenwood




Arctic Cat F & Xfire 1000/ F8 & Xfire 8

F1000/Xfire 1000 only $395
F8/xfire 8 only $375

-No Brokerage Fee's
-No Hidden Costs
-No Customs Delays
when buying SPI Products from here in Ontario Canada!

"Wanted to thank you for helping me with my Straightline Performance parts order. The rumors of your great service are true! Will let my friends know! thanks again "
- Jeff Horford


Diamond Drive
Torsional Clutch Cover Conversion Kit
only $145


Looking to get rid of the unadjustable diamond drive helix's and springs? SPI torsional clutch cover kit allows the user to convert your old or new diamond drive into a fully usable torsional set-up. Install the new cover and base onto your 05-08 diamond drive helix and you’re now tuning with full adjustment. Kit improves acceleration, backshift and mph!

Arctic Cat Clutch Kits 03 F6/F7
and Crossfire 600/700
-direct drive
only $162
-chain dirve versions including ZR900
only $209


Polaris Clutch Kits
starting from
only $237

Yamaha/RX-1 and
Viper Clutch Kits
only $289

only $469

This is one of the best selling Mach Z kits around, better accleration, MPH and belt life is extremely extended. Kit comes complete with TEAM secondary and SPI custom helix. Adjustable pins and Primary spring

only $179


SKI-DOO 600 & 800 REV
Roller and Non Roller Kits

only $299



Adjustable TRA Arms
only $225
Completely adjustable arms for both the TRA III. The new 6061 TRA III arms are fully adjustable from 28 to 70 grams with adjustable pin.

( at RIGHT )
set of 3
only $95


Straightline's clutch kits are designed to give excellent hole shot, mid range pull and best possible mph available.

XP from 500 up to 1200 4-Tec
only $299

To Order call (613) 925 4015



"Followed the link over from Hardcore Sledder and have to say I'm amazed at the diversity of your business. Not sure how you pulled this all off but I'm impressed and look forward to buying products for my truck, atv and seadoo's from you as well. Thanks Again, great service! "
- Todd Bronson


Z1 Turbo
Stage II Clutch Kits
includes Torsional Conversion kit
with Dalton Adjustable weights $439
with STM Supertip adj weights $457





MACH Z 1000
Stage II Clutch Kits
Includes full set of adjustable pins, rollers, weights, and a new primary spring
only $249

Ultimate primary clutch set up for the Big Mach. Wicked acceleration and pull. BMP testing showed 8-10 lengths over stock clutching!



Arctic Cat
'Supertip Clutch Kits'
only $299

Standard Non-ACT drive clutch kits include Supertip weights, primary and secondary springs and an overdrive helix. ACT drive clutch kit include Supertip weights and primary spring.


REV 600 - 800 Clutch Kits
only $299

BMP report 4-5 sled lenths over stock and more out of the corner power. Kits may or may not include primary and secondary springs, helix, ramps, and adjustable pin kit depending on BIKEMAN testing and specs per application



STM Powersports
E-Tec P-Drive Clicker Adjust Style STM Supertip Cam Arm Set - 51gram base
comes with washers, fasteners
Not recommended for over 9000 rpm

3 arm sets only $240

This is a "Drop in" adjustable cam arm set for the stock "P-Drive" Primary clutch


Tungsten Washers -7 gram
$6 each


STM Powersports
Yamaha SUPERTIP Adjustable Cam Arms
3 arm sets only $230
4 arm sets
only $307
#0560y-60 gram base
#0650y-50 gram base

More Aggressive X-Series Yamaha
#1150YX-50 gram base
#1355YX-55 gram base

#1255YXE-55 gram base (for racing)
all of above
only $230

provide us any part # from Supreme Tool's web site for exceptional No Hassle Canadian Pricing

SUPERTIP Z1 Turbo Cam Arms
#1672AXEZ1 -72 gram base
only $217
72 grams up to 114 grams


STM Powersports
Arctic Cat - Polaris
SUPERTIP Adjustable Cam Arms

3 arm sets only $217
4 arm sets
only $289

#0140A 40 gram base
#0250A 50 gram base
#0360A 60 gram base
#0472A 72 gram base
( if bushings are required add $15 )


Arctic Cat - Polaris
SUPERTIP X-Series Adjustable Cam Arms

3 arm sets only $217
4 arm sets
only $289

#0740AX 40 gram base
#0850AX 50 gram base
#0960AX 60 gram base

For 2012 + ProCross/ProClimb
#1072AX3 72 gram base
( if bushings are required add $15 )



"Just received my Supreme Tool order, that was quick! Thanks alot and can't wait to see what else you have to offer "
- Steve Sorburg

STM Powersports
Notched SUPERTIP Adjustable Cam Arms

3 arm sets only $217
CAT or POLARIS 4 arm sets
only $289

#1440AN 40 gram base
#1550AN 50 gram base
#1660AN 60 gram base
#1672AN 72 gram base
( if bushings are required add $15 )

Made specifically for higher engagement aggressive drag racing applications. Made with a healthy engagement notch

for the Rage primary and will also fit Arctic Cat fixed pin primariies and have a set screw for securing them .They can be ordered with a bushing and ran in 1/4" pin clutches from Polaris,Comet and older style Arctic cats.  



STM Powersports
XP 800R Clutch kit

21XPCK only $275
Kit comes  with our billet adjustable TRA arms set to the proper calibration along with a  TRA primary spring .This set up works awesome with the stock secondary as shown in our dyno graph and has been field tested as well.This will cure the belt heat and belt wear issues that the stock set ups are notorious for. Also gives the option for adding more mass to the TRA arms if increasing horse power with engine mods .







STM Powersports
Supertip TRA Cam Arms

20TRAC only $245

7075 Billet TRA arm. Five positions on each side of the arm for adding our 7 Gram tungsten inserts and 1 gram washers that are fastened by 2 gram screws. Each arm is capable of adding 72 grams of weight. Supplied with a 4 gram aluminum pin that can be loaded up to 22 grams or a 12 gram steel pin that can be loaded up to 30 grams (specify when ordering). The arms are 45 grams empty with the roller and pin or 35 grams completely empty. We provide pins with the arms that can also have the washers and tungstens added to the ends. A great tuning tool for the REV, REV XP and Mach Z.





in Canada ON GOODWIN

provide any part # from GOODWIN Peformance's web site for exceptional No Hassle Canadian Pricing
Performance clutch kits
example pricing

Ski-Doo - Including
standard kits only $315
RER kits only $399

"Spenc and crew seem like they have their sh%t together.EZ Jacker and D&D Clutch kit arrived a week or so ahead of time.Even with all of the emails he gets a day ALWAYS replied same day.
Prices can't be beat either for us Cannucks.
Keep up the goood work."

HCS Member - ext


Performance Clutch Springs
Ski-Doo - RER Driven Springs
only $32
All springs available for all Sleds

Blue 215-315 IN STOCK
Blue/White 220-335
Blue/Red 250-345
Blue/Yellow 235-335 IN STOCK
Blue/Orange 185-315 IN STOCK

NOTE: Blue/Orange 185-315
Most popular spring for XP/XR

ISR Stock Legal TRA Heavy Hitter
clutch arm kits

TRA II & III $289
TRA V $299

Mini Sled Clutch Kits
3620 Mini Z / 1630 Z120 / 2620XCR120

Perf clutch kits
only $129

High Perf Race Kits ( shown )
only $259
Race kits includes 1 race clutch w/brake strap, 1 quick change hub, A race chain, 2 sprockets and 2 extra sets of springs. For the Mini Z Kit, we recommend a roller chain adjuster, this helps eliminate unnecessary wear, reduces friction and allows kit to perform to its potential.




SLP Performance Clutch springs only $26


Performance Clutch Components
example pricing:

MTX clutch weights
only $109
base weight kits 62g, 65g, 68g, 71g, 74g, 77g

(include adjustable tuning rivets)

Popular weights for M1000
77g set CAT - 6 tower IN STOCK
#40-97 74g set CAT - 6 tower IN STOCK

-No Brokerage Fee's
-No Hidden Costs
-No Customs Delays
when buying SLP Products from here in Ontario Canada!


"I just received my SLP order from you, service was exceptional, pricing was even better and I was always aware of the progress with my order.
Your service here in Canada is a CLASS ACT!"
- Kyle Jones


-No Brokerage Fee's
-No Hidden Costs
-No Customs Delays
when buying ULMER Racing Products from here in Ontario Canada!

FX Nytro XTX
includes Super Tip Weights , Primary spring, & Custom Cut Helix
only $399

"I am a TY member and am grateful you offer all the great products you do to us canadians!" - "Thanks"
- Zac Farmer


ULMER Racing
High Performance Clutch Kits

Stage 1
(stock to 260HP )
- includes Primary spring & weights
only $269

Stage 2 ( 260+ HP )
- includes Primary spring, weights, secondary spring, Custom Cut Helix only $418

2014+ SR VIPER
- includes Super Tip Weights, Primary spring, Custom Cut Helix only $418


APEX - includes Super Tip Weights, Primary spring, Custom Helix, only $418

Nytro/RS Vector
includes Super Tip Weights , Primary spring, Secondary spring & Custom Cut Helix
only $399

FX Nytro ( bottom LEFT)
includes Super Tip Weights ( Setup to your rider weight, track height and riding style), Primary spring, Secondary spring & Custom Cut Helix
only $399

"My friend bought direct out of USA and got nailed an extra $40+ for cross border fees/brokerage, I ordered my kit from you here in Canada, got my kit faster than my friend and for much less $$
thank you! "

- Jim Benson


Please use the Ulmer Racing web site then provide to us by email or phone the ULMER RACING products you require for prompt, excellent Canadian price quotes - Thank you


Performance Clutch kit ( Above )
only $149

Stage 1
only $399

"Only place in Canada I'd think of buying sled or atv parts from! - thanks 2KOOL"
- Gerald Green

Example pricing
Turbo M1000 kit
only $350.34

The BOONDOCKER clutch kit is completely adjustable and is specifically designed for the high demands of Turbo Power. It provides the best clutching possible at elevations up to 12,000 feet and above.

"Hey Brent parts got here a week before the given date ,would that be to much of good good service Keep up the good work,I have more orders
going your way"
HCS Member - gene36
DALTON Industries Ltd.
Pro Ultimate Stainless TRA Pins, Ramps, Pro Weights and more - the entire world class DALTON product line we have available!
Example products below

Brute Arms

1000 SDI BRUTE Arms
only $299
sold per set of 3 ( 60g )

"Our whole group of riders buy Dalton parts from you in Ontario, we couldn't be more pleased with price and service - keep up the great work!"
- Todd schoeler

"Everything in! (yesterday Dalton, and today 2KOOL ) Your service is second to none! Thanks a lot "
- Robert Brochu

Ultimate Stainless TRA Pins
14.5g - 25g
#DPAP-UH only $126

TRA Lightweight Pin Kit 11.5-17.4 g
#DPAP-LP only $41 IN STOCK
TRA Midweight Pin Kit
14.5-20.4 g
#DPAP-MP only $41 IN STOCK





Ski-Doo XP Billet Helix's
Site SPECIAL only $169

DALTON Helixes
Polaris P-2 Helixes $119
Skidoo (DSA)/Polaris P.85 $135
Skidoo RS & HR $165

Arctic Cat
Early "A"
Arctic Cat
ACT drive & ACT driven
with Electric revers ( "C" & "CR")

Arctic Cat
ACT/C enclosed


Arctic Cat
Billet Helix Cover DHC-100
Arctic Cat Spider Shim DSS-A1 $18.50 IN STOCK
Arctic Cat Spider Shim DSS-A2 $18.50 IN STOCK

Quick Adjust Cam Arms for Yamaha

only $269
Available in weight ranges:
QAY-54 (54.5-61.4g)
QAY-62 (62-69.4g)

Turbocharged / boosted applications
QACA/ DTYA-1 (73.6-81g)
QACA/ DTYA-2 (79-86.4g)

QACA/ DTYA-3 (84.6-92g)


Dalton's patented quick adjust flyweights make fine tuning easier . The weights can have mass added or subtracted from the weight without even removing the flyweight from the drive clutch. Now Available in 3 different base weights for Supercharged and turbo / nos applications

pre-04 with bushings
only $229

Arctic Cat Billet Quick Adjust Cam Arms
3 cam sets only $235
QACA-1W (67.5-75g)
QACA-1BW (70.5-78g)
QACA-2W (73.5-81g)
QACA-2BW (76.5-84g)
QACA-3W (80-87.5g)
QACA-4W (83.5-91g)

QACA-5W (86.5-94g)
QACA-6W (89.5-97g)

QACA-6WL (87-94.5g)
QACA-7W (94.5-102g)

4 cam sets for F1000
only $289

A great convenience when tuning the new Arctic Cats, these flyweight sets offer up to 7.5 grams of adjustability.

'04 & newer Arctic Cat fixed pin drive clutch only
(set screw style)

Available weight ranges:


Polaris Quick Adjust Cam Arms

only $245
Available weight ranges:
QAP1 -58-65.5g

QAP2 -62-69.5g
QAP3 -66-73.5g
QAP4 -70-77.5g


Dalton's patented Quick Adjust Cam Arms are now available for Polaris models. This method of adjustment allows you to add or subtract mass from the main body of the flyweight without even removing the weights from the drive clutch. Like having many sets of flyweights in one kit.






Popular Springs for 2012+
Arctic Cat Turbo

Primary Springs
$32 CND

DPPS-AQ/B 140-330
DPPS-R/A 185-300

Secondary Springs
$32 CND

DPSS-G/S 165-285
DPSS-G/GD 185-320


Our EVERYDAY prices are the lowest in the Nation, they've always been the lowest, and always will be the lowest!
Other dealers try to copy our prices and our Vendor List.

Remember who
'set the BAR' in Canada!

We'll beat ANY price!
- We end ALL GAMES with the best service, most clients, most available products, and more positive client reviews then "ALL" other Canadian Dealers COMBINED!


TRA adjustable pin kits
only $32

11.1 to 16 gram
13.8 to 19.6 gram
16.3 to 22.6 gram

These heavy duty adjustable pin kits will allow you to dial in your TRA to perfection. Available in three different sizes to cover all applications


TRA adjustable pin kits
only $39

13.8 to 19.6 gram

on all TEAM products


All TEAM Springs
only $24

"I have dealt with Spenc ( Sled-Werx ) a few times now, Spenc has always responded to my emails promptly, now I’m not talking about mid day, I mean he’s responded to emails I've sent at 8 pm and he has got back to me that night. The price is right on the money, what I order is what I get and get quickly.

Thanks Spenc, Keep up the good work"
HCS Member - ltemple


Supreme Tool
Adjustable TRA pin kit for Ski-Doo
only $88

12.5 to 31 grams
can be tuned in .5 gram increments.The pin is made from heat treated billet steel.Kit includes 3 pins , fasteners, wrench and directions for tuning.
Fits TRA II, III, or V primaries

Helix's from TEAM,DALTON, D&D, ARCTIC CAT,SPEEDWERX, GOODWIN Performance, PROLINE etc...the very best products are affordably available to you now in CANADA!


from only $75

example pricing
TEAM 58-44-46 only $109

Arctic Cat helixes
ex - 60/40 only $75

Team Lightweight Rapid Reation Helixes only $109

Click on pic above
for more details

"The Last Helix You'll Ever Need To Buy"
- does not require clutch modification, just bolt on

-straight ramps $99

variable ramps

Adjustable Ramp Helix
for Yamaha and QRS 08+ Ski-Doo
- available in straight and variable ramp versions (straight ramp for high elevations/turbo and variable ramp for low elevations/non turbo)

(fits 1995 to present except Phazer
Plus the new VIPER )
40-58 degree only $249
-straight ramp

-variable ramp

Ski-Doo 2008+ QRS models
-straight ramp 34-56 degree
only $249

variable ramp 47-43 degree base
only $269

NOTE: call Kent at SHOCKWAVE if
you are unsure what to order

Pre-Diamond Drive Arctic-Cat
straight or adjustable 40-58 degree
only $249
2012 Arctic Cat
straight ramp 38-54 only $249
Variable ramp only $269

AR-16 Shockwave Clutch: The AR-16 Shockwave Clutch is available as a complete driven clutch replacement for Ski-Doo snowmobiles only $899
available in straight and variable ramp

Delrin Washers
only $3.49

For TEAM Rapid Reaction Clutch


"Hey Spenc,
Forgot to let you know my studs were received a couple weeks ago while I was in Florida, thanks!
For everyone else... I boycott Royal as much as I can. Every time I've gone in there with a list of stuff to buy, something is not available which means I have to make another trip to their store. I'd much rather pay a couple bucks more for something shipped to my door with much better service! Keep up the good work!"
HCS Member -yamaman





TRA Quick Clickers

only $41
limited time!

Best Kit On The Market!
Rapid RPM adjustment mechanisms that directly replaces the stock locking-nuts on SKI-DOO TRA Series centrifugal snowmobile clutch clicker-bolts. This unique device allows for quicker changes of maximum engine speed to

Sold as a set of three and comes with Industry First Quick Adjust Tool

This awsome kit allows you to adjust your clicker position without getting out all the tools! Quit dropping the nuts in the snow and fumbling around adjusting your clicker in the cold. Once installed this kit allows you to simply push in and turn the adjuster bolt to the next clicker position. A must have for tuners or anyone that has a TRA clutch!

CLICK HERE for install Video



The very best pricing!

The most products!

The best service!



TRA Primary Rollers
only $75
per sets of 3

( stock size/standard)
(1mm oversize)
(2mm oversize )

roller shims ( each ) only $5.79



only $82 per sets of 3

14.8 mm
15.8 mm

"This is the only place I buy my stuff now! Brent treats you right and everything is first rate, fast and you know where you stand. I and all my friends will be using him" HCS Member - Jester



Hi-Torque rollers -
for much improved performance and reliability





Hot Product
ski-doo Secondary Rollers
08-2011 XP & all QRS
Secondary 2 roller clutch

TRA Hi Torque Secondary Rollers
canadian pricing
only $59

Hot Product
Arctic Cat ProCross 2012
Secondary Hi Torque Rollers

only $59 CND

For 2012 Arctic Cat Procross/XF/Proclimb Driven Clutch. Over 40% stronger than stock.
Early test sleds are showing extreme wear on stock rollers - This is a MUST upgrade!



Black Diamond Xtreme
Rock Rollers
example pricing
CAT Diamond Drive 6 pack
$44 set



"Every order I place with 2KOOL Performance saves me time, money and frustration. I have tried to use local dealers that are close to me here in Markham Ontario and none of them are reliable, they don't have a 10th of what is offered here, and they have no understanding at all about the products they sell.
Keep up the great job!"

- Bill Boyce


Thunder Products
TRA Belt Adjuster
Now You Can Adjust Belt Clearance on a TRA Primary!

TSK-800 $38

The new TRA Belt Adjuster Kit from Thunder Products allows you to get your belt to sheave clearance down to .010” to .015” like it should be. Most sleds are not even close to this – in fact , a side clearance of .080” to .090” is not uncommon. Ask any racer if this clearance is important. All will quickly agree that it is very important for a number of reasons. First of all, it will give you a smooth positive hole shot! This is because the sheaves grab the belt right away and helps to eliminate the belt slippage (that deposits rubber on your sheaves) as well as the heat caused by the slippage. Eliminating heat improves traction on the clutch sheaves and extends belt life.

The TRA Belt Adjuster allows you to make necessary adjustments to the side clearance without pulling the clutch off. Now that’s nice! Mountain riders will especially appreciate the TRA Belt Adjuster for its ability to deliver a smooth predictable engagement rather than having it “bang in”, causing you to trench out. The smooth engagement will let you get on top of the snow and go!

     The TRA Belt Adjuster also gives you a greater top speed potential without changing any gears. Really? Yep. With the correct side clearance, the belt can be pushed higher up in the sheaves, which of course is a higher gear for more top speed.

" Thank you for shipping so quickly. I wasn't expecting the parts until Monday therefore my husband will be quite happy to have them installed for the weekend. We will give out your included business cards to fiends who are looking to do work on their sleds.
Have a good weekend "

- Roxane Villeneuve


"Just wanted to let you know I got the parts, great service thanks, I look forward to doing business with you again "
- Rodney Cooke


Black Diamond Xtreme
10.4" TSS Clutch Conversion Kit

for 2005-2011 sled models
#50001 only $289

Black Diamond's 10.4 Conversion Kit produces improved shifting characteristics and reduced belt slippage. The 10.4 Conversion Kit's larger outside diameter produces a lower gear ratio at engagement giving the Diamond Drive even a smoother drive away. While at the top end the larger diameter allows for more contact surface area with the belt. The increased contact area minimizes the belt slippage allowing the clutch to run cooler and more efficient. The 10.4 Conversion Kit comes with factory balanced sheaves. You utilize the cam, spring and rollers you already own and reassemble with the
new sheaves to complete the clutch.


"Always a pleasure to give you my business Spenc! You run the best aftermarket performance company in this country hands down! Appreciate your quick responses and knowledge of the sport. So many other dealers are just flogging parts to make quick money, that's never been the case in all the years
I've done business with you!"
- Troy Lemier





Micro Belmont
Tower Reactor Primary Clutches
(come with pivot bolt, primary bolt, washers and additional shims)
example Pricing:
3 Tower Reactor 8" $1300
3 Tower Reactor 8.5"
4 Tower Reactor 8"
4 Tower Reactor 8.5" $1600
6 Tower Reactor 8"

6 Tower Reactor 8.5" $2400

(provide year/make/model when ordering. Clutches are Built Per Application and built for standard application or quick change for race)


With a Tower Reactor Clutch you can harness all that forced inducted HP
and get it to the track!


"I received the clutch cover this morning and everything is fine. Thank you spenc. Very good service and fast shipping "
- Paul Quevillon



Thunder Products

911 Response Clutch Cover
only $259
911-AC-1  AC 2009 & older

AC 2010 & newer
911-YA Yamaha
on new CAT clutches!
Especially for guys running 300+HP
- Belt Adjuster is INCLUDED!!
- Oillite Bronze cover bushing INCLUDED!!

for spider jam nut for CATS
only $39.95
( fits both 911-AC-1 and 911-AC-2 )



Billet machined aircraft grade aluminum, the TPI 911 Response clutch cover adds rigidity to the clutch towers eliminating the normal flexing.  The rigid clutch assembly along with the huge oversize cover bushing (250% larger) will keep the sheaves in perfect alignment.  This will eliminate binding and produce fast, smooth and accurate up-shifting and back-shifting.  Clutch and belt life is increased!  The 911 clutch cover is machined to accept balancing weights so the clutch can be balanced as a complete assembly
without drilling holes


GW-100 Glide Washer Kits
only $14.95
( fits both CAT and POLARIS )

"You have always been my go-to source for sled, hot rod and Atv parts! Thank you again " - Chris Belmont





C3 Powersports

Please EMAIL us for pricing


C3 SyncroDrive Arctic Cat 800
Proclimb / ProCross




STM Powersports

STM Rage 3 VL Snowmobile Primary Clutch STD (non-HD)
only $1039
does not include cam arms or spring

on all
STM Powersports Products!


STM Powersports

8 arm clutch
-regular only $1725

- HEAVY DUTY only $1889
does not include cam arms or spring
It's Official! The World's Fastest sleds on Ice, grass and asphalt all run SUPREME TOOL clutches!


STM Powersports
RAGE IV Billet 4-arm Quad Primary Clutch
only $1299 ( shown bottom LEFT )
only $1499 HD Tied tower only comes in screw on ( no quick change on HD model )

When ordering please specify;
Sheave diameter, spider style, cam arm pin diameter along with the taper for your model.
If unsure with requirements please call STM before ordering through our service here in Canada

Same technology used by
ONE STOP PERFORMANCE when they shattered the world record in 660 feet.
4.60 seconds @ 149mph.

Available for all oem tapered crankshafts. Available in 8.0, 8.25, and 8.5 diameters.  Also available in a screw on or quick change spider.  Rigid reinforced design for higher horsepower applications. The Rage IV is capable of using any cam arm on the market.  We have incorporated a pin size option for every clutch we make by providing a pin conversion design in the moveable sheave.  Pin conversions are available in 1/4, 5/16 fixed pin (arctic cat) and 8mm diameters (specify when ordering).
The cover is designed to use Skidoo TRA, Arctic Cat or Polaris springs providing a wide variety of spring rates to choose from. Each clutch assembly comes with assembly - disassembly tools.
STM Powersports

STM Ski-Doo E-Tec 850 Tuner Driven Clutch 1" 1/4" keyed only $749
helixes $69
springs $30


GEN 2 TUNER Secondary

for 2012 to present
800 CAT

10.75" or 11"
with billet cover
only $749
(includes adjustment tool

helixes $69
springs $30

Now Available
for POLARIS 800



STM Powersports
GEN 1 TUNER Secondary
this includes
2012+ 1100
CAT Turbo

available in 10.6, 11", 11.25 & 11.5"

only $749 (includes adjustment tool)
( does not include helix or spring - see below for component pricing )
helixes $53
springs $30

Dayco XTX5037 for 11" clutch $99

11.75" , 12" and 12.5" only $1149
helixes $53
springs $30
Must state for Button or Roller Cover when Ordering
- optional solid Billet cover
add $105
- red anodize no longer available

STM Yamaha 2011-13 Nitro,
2014-16 Viper & 2017-18 Sidewinder
Gen 1 Tuner Secondary Assembly

10.75" or 11.25 only $789
( includes adjustment tool )
helixes $53 springs $30



All new complete billet secondary for the diamond drive. A simple bolt on that utilizes the old style OEM Arctic Cat helixs (1981 thru 2004) and springs providing a much wider variety of tuning options. The TUNER is made from T6061 aluminum and heat treated steel hub and towers. The movable sheave has reinforced towers for the higher HP applications when needed. It also comes with a belt deflection adjuster and non wearing rollers.
The 11.0 diameter drops right into the F7,ZR900,
M-Series and Crossfire.

"This is the only place I will buy Supreme Tool Products from because the price is exceptional and the service is second to none! Thanks again Spenc,
miss you on the trails "
- Kevin Beattie

GEN 1 TUNER Secondary
for PRE-2012 Arctic Cat models
available in 10.6, 11", 11.25 & 11.5"

only $749 (includes adjustment tool )
( does not include helix or spring
- see below for component pricing )

helixes $53
springs $30

STM Drag Racing Tied Clutch Rod
Eye Style Support Brace

Starting at $520



2012+ Procross STM helixes $88

STM Powersports

Torsional Conversion kits

Diamond Drive $155
full kit w/helix and spring

2012-2015 ProCross 1100 Turbo $139
full kit w/helix and spring

2016+ ProCross 1100 Turbo $140
full kit w/helix and spring

Provide rider weight, riding elevation, full sleds mod list, and max horsepower along with full name, shipping address and phone# and we provide the best set up for you






STM Powersports

#4001046 only $425

This is a replacement movable sheave that fits together with the stock spring, spring cover, cam arms, spider and fixed sheave. The moveable sheave incorporates a joined tower design that prevents the spreading of the towers. Comes with Arctic Cat, Polaris or Yamaha cam arm pivot pins.




STM Powersports

05-2009 #4001069
2010-15 #4001068
only $325

when ordering state the year model

Arctic Cat Spider Nut Socket
( bottom LEFT )
Tool used to remove the spider nut from all Arctic Cat clutches from 2010 thru 2012
#4001045 only $40


This Spider is a rigid design made from 7075 billet aircraft aluminum and fits all OEM primary clutches from arctic cat.

We had discontinued this item,  high horse power sleds and harmonics they were getting cracks. Due to customer demands we are making more, but they are being sold without warranty.

They come complete with replaceable rollers and buttons. 


STM Powersports

05-2009 #4001070
2010-15 #4001067
only $160


Billet cover also allows the use of the skidoo TRA springs that offer a wider variety of spring rates to choose from along with higher engagement . Fits the 2007-2013, 6 tower clutch.
 Also works with our billet moveable sheave # 53 ACBM and billet spider # 53 ACBS

contact STM to decide on chain and gear sizes needed then provide that information to us gears and chain
add $239


STM Powersports
Diamond Drive
Chain Case Conversion

only $1800

plus gears and chain

F-Series/Z1 Turbo
( only accepts max 13.5" wide track )

( only accepts max 14 " wide track )



BDX Xtreme
Diamond Lite Drive System
only $699

your choice of DD gear set

New for 07 and 08 M Series and XFire is the Diamond Lite Drive System that takes off 11 lbs of unwanted weight. This system completely replaces your heavy stock reverse case and comes with a new one piece lightweight forged transfer and input gears. Also, now comes with BD Xtreme's exclusive oil dipstick so you can check your oil level and see your oils condition. The cases have been tested up to 350HP, and provide for increased oil capacity up to 25% for more protection. No modifications necessary to the chassis as it's a direct fit conversion.
Will require Lightweight Trackshaft ( P/N 50047 )
only $100
recommend trackshaft 'and' drivers $175


Order NOW!

TIED Driven Clutch
clutch only $299
with helix and spring only $435

Available for all models EXCEPT Cat Diamond Drive, and Ski-Doo 25mm key'd shaft

 • Instant Back Shift
 • Improved Upshift
  • Cooler Running
  • Increased Belt Life
  • No Engine Reverse Clunk
  • Unrivaled Torque Sensing
  • Helix Angles Typically 14˚ Higher Than TSS-04
   • Greater Efficiency Allows Lower Spring Rates
   • Higher Top End Speed Capability

TEAM Industries is proud to announce the most advanced driven clutch in the snowmobile industry. The TEAM Tied Driven Clutch is an improvement from the TSS-04, in that the moveable sheave opens axially to the stationary sheave without rotational movement. This translates to no scrubbing motion on the belt face producing less heat and friction.

Additionaly all torque is transmitted through the helix, making clutch tuning much more precise. This clutch was developed using the extensive testing and design resources of TEAM Industries.

with helix and spring $409
reg $435 IN STOCK
Field tested at TEAM for SLED-WERX Racing!
includes: Tied clutch #421511
red/blue #210-181 spring
77 59 .56 / 77 57 .56 ER Helix
3-4mph top end improvement over stock!



XP TEAM Clutch Conversion kits

Email us the TEAM TIED PART # with your full shipping address and phone # for final pricing with payment options



"Thank you very much, tihs is the service that I have come to know at 2KOOL Performance.
I will be sure to let everyone know how
good you guys are with your customers"
- Dan Keresturi

-420942LW Polaris
-420935LW Polaris
-420283LW Arctic Cat
-420941LW Ski-Doo
-420281LW Yamaha
-420941LWMZ Ski-Doo
MachZ & Summit 1000


TSS-04 Lightweight Secondary
clutch only $299
with helix and spring

This clutch delivers 2-3 mph higher track speed than standard clutch.

TSS-04 Team Rapid Reaction
Secondary Springs (steel) only $26

popular examples
Red/Dark Blue 140-200
Red/Black 140-240
Red/Pink 140-260
Black/Red 155-222
Black/White 160-260


Hot Product

Gear & Jackshaft Socket kit
only $75
gear socket
( shown above )

jackshaft socket
(shown at bottom)


Changing gears on your Yamaha's can be a nightmare without the proper tools.

We make Changing Sprokets/gears on your Yammi's a snap with these
HOT New & Helpful socket kits!



Tower Reactor Clutch Tools
Shown - Spanner Wrench, Base Block, Threaded Rod and Thumb Nut

Kit only $119



This was a fun little trail sled
- a little Formula 500 that we shaved the head on and clutched up for the trails



Ski-Doo QRS Compresion tool
only $79

DCT-CQ 2008-2009 models

DCT-CQ10 2010+ models


Dalton Compression tool for the new QRS clutch on SkiDoo "XP" series. After removing the clutch from the new XP ,this compression tool makes helix and secondary spring changes easy. part # DCT- CQ

QRS Spring Compressors
#420-823 2008 & UP models $128

Quickly change QRS helixes and or RER driven springs on your Ski-Doo XP with this new spring tool. The spring compressor simply threads into the end of the jackshaft for quick tuning or servicing.

Billet QRS Adjuster
2008/09 models only $68
2010 models $68

Goodwin Performance has developed a much improved belt deflection adjuster for the QRS Driven Clutch. Made from billet aluminum it will not crack or break like the OEM plastic one. Quick and easy belt adjustment as well as fast belt removal are main benefits of this easy adjuster. Choose from aluminum or black face color.

Hot Product

"I order my parts, I get my parts , no B.S just great service! - thank you, will be back and will tell all my friends! " - Loyd Livingston


TRA/TRAIII/TRA V Clutch Holder

only $55
No more pry bars wedged through your clutch with this unique and very popular ski-doo clutch tool

Button Retainer Clips

only $24

Me and Crazy Kevi Hunter punishing the little Forumla 500


Supreme Tool
XP 2008/09 Belt Deflection Adjuster
( shown at LEFT )
only $78


Supreme Tool
( shown at bottom LEFT )
113ACAT only $165 This alignment tool is a must have, a simple and accurate way of setting the Horizontal alignment of the engine. This tool mounts to the crankshaft taper and pivots to a 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock position where the driven is located. A supplied target is measured with a dial indicator at these two positions to measure the reading from top to bottom.  The use of the driven face can also be used as a target. Rotation of the jack shaft moves the target into position of the indicator. The goal is to have these readings of equal values. This is done by adjusting or shimming the engine to the proper alignment. 

This tool has adjustment for 10.3,11.0,11.5,12.2 & 12.5 inch center to centers. This tool also has interchangeable tapered sleeves available in 30mm,33mm,35mm & Skidoo tapers
Please specify when ordering.
extra sleeves are $40 each
( main tool comes with choice of 1 ( ONE ) sleeve )





Supreme Tool
XP 2010 Belt Deflection Adjuster
only $69

All billet belt deflection adjuster This unit stays in a fixed position
and will not float back and forth. Easy On-Trail tool to help with performance








EVOLUTION Powersports

TCL Delete Kits
- Staged Belt Life Improvement / Drive Train Bulletproofing

Stage 1 $579
Stage 2 $879
Stage 3 $1249

The purpose of this product is to decouple the engine from the jackshaft and go back to a more traditional engine/jackshaft layout. The wobble bearings along with soft jack shafts that deflect considerably when under load coupled with excessive engine movement are the primary causes of clutch misalignment and therefore poor belt life. With our TCL elimination bracket, we are supplying a traditional straight roller bearing. We are able to do this because the jackshaft is now fixed and aligned with the chain case jack shaft bearing. Once the movement is taken out of the PTO side, the top gear in the chain case will now stay in plane with the the bottom gear and chain. Chain & gear life are vastly improved once this movement is eliminated. You will notice that on the new Viper and 7000 series, Arctic Cat has completely abandoned the TCL and have set up their engine/jackshaft like ours. This product was tested all last year along side control sleds to verify the improvements. By the end of the year, 10x greater belt life had been realized. (Over 1000 miles per belt)


Yamaha Viper/Sidewinder
BELT Adjust/Removal tool

Only $89.99

Arctic Cat Drive Clutch Go Rings

Only $19.99
Go-Rings make your 2004 through 2015 Arctic Cat snowmobile upshift and backshift faster and smoother.  You will get faster and smoother hole shots. Clutching will be so much smoother in all aspects that it will be like riding a different machine.  This includes ease of loading your sled onto a trailer.  No more lurching forward.




OSP ProCross
1100 Turbo HD Clutch Alignment Tool

Only $259.99
ALIGNMENT Bushings ( if required )
SUPER series ( most common )

EXTREME series $30




OSP ProCross
billet belt adjuster with float

Fits ALL 2012+ Procross/Proclimb F/M/XF series sleds - ALL MODELS
Only $89.99
reg $109

Billet  Aluminum BELT ADJUSTER, WITH FLOAT, you can float your secondary, (converter) to help impove belt life.

you will be able to adjust your belt with the tools in your tool kit  and NOT have to use shims, just turn the dial to adjust belt

"Wanted to thank you for being an OSP dealer for us Canadians. There's another guy up here who's a known industry copy cat as far as hardcore racing goes - Has a blind following over on TY, would never support someone like that - you're the hook up for parts and performance - keep it up! "
- Keith Dunn

Universal Clutch Press Tool
only only $115

TEAM Rapid Reaction Clutch Press Tool
Compress and change Rapid Reaction™ Clutch springs safely and easily with this spring compression tool.
Rapid Reaction Clutch Press Tool
#930001 only $85

#930995 only $125
Diamond Drive Compression Tool
can be used on all TEAM Rapid Reaction clutches


HOT Product


DUMMY Clutch Tool
#1 primary Clutch tool in North America!

only $39 reg $79
-Ski-Doo TRA III, V


The "Dummy" Clutch Tool allows you to remove and replace the drive clutch cover quickly and easily - by yourself!  Using the "Dummy" Clutch Tool, you will be able to remove and compress the cover and spring without damage to any clutch components or your knuckles.  Easily change weights and springs.  Compress any length or strength of spring. Allows perfect alignment of the cover bolts and bushing for easy replacement.  A must have for any snowmobile tuner, mechanic, dealership or racer!  It can be used with the clutch on or off the engine.  With the "Dummy" Clutch Tool, you can make changes any time, anywhere by yourself!

     Remove and replace the spring in  your T.R.A. clutch either on the engine (if belly pan clearance allows) or any place else.  No need to bolt our tool to a work bench.
     Easily fits into any tool box and is portable.  You can change the spring while in the field testing and tuning and all you need is a 1/2" wrench or socket.



BDX Xtreme
TSS Clutch Tool
#50051 only $30

BDX Xtreme Spring Tool
#50033 only $16.99


BDX Xtreme
09' CAT Belt Removal Tool and Belt Deflection Adjuster Tool
#50051-09 only $30


Easy Belt Clutch Adjuster
secondary Clutch Adjuster


Black Diamond Xtreme
Diamond Drive Belt Deflection Adjusters
#50034 - RIGHT hand thread
fits 04 ZR900
only $20

#50035 - LEFT hand thread
fits 05+


Yamaha $39
-2000 & up Twins
-Pre 95
Arctic Cat
-96-present ( F1000)
-07 F1000 $39


TRA $39 (1988 to present)

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Plug & Go Play Kits 08-10 Nytro & Apex with Boost module $269 CND
 ThumbBoost (Plug & Play) $69 CND


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